A recognized evil unique to all utility bills is the mid-summer air conditioning bill. Unlike other seasons, the hottest temperatures and the subsequent need for maximum AC cooling is all concentrated within 2-3 months. On average, cooling costs demand over half of your energy bill during a particularity long stretch of blistering heat.

In recent years, more than ever we have the need for home cooling and in turn, insight into how we can keep cool and size-down that increasingly large energy bill.

1. Efficiency

Replacing a dirty filter should be your first step. If your AC filter is clogged up it is bad for your family’s health and the health of your AC unit, making it work much harder for the same result. It is listed by most manufacturers to change your filter every three to four months, and even more often if you have multiple pets, or are doing any kind of renovations in your home.

Maintenance is your second line of defence. Maintaining your unit will keep your energy bill as low as possible by enabling more efficient cooling. It’s a proactive measure to increase the longevity of your HVAC system and save you money on your monthly bills.

2. Ceiling fans

A ceiling fan can help you save up to 40% on electricity when paired with a well-maintained AC unit. Air circulation will assist your AC so it doesn’t have to work quite so hard. Ceiling fans also push cool air down, reducing the tendency for heat to rise and cool air to fall making for a more even room temperate.

Ceiling fans can also make a room feel a shocking 6-7 degrees cooler by circulating the air your AC has already cooled, taking some heavy lifting off your unit. The wind-chill effect from the fan allows you to raise thermostat temperatures without feeling the difference. That means major savings on your energy bill.

3. Cut costs while you’re out

If you’re like most, you probably prefer to come home to a pre-cooled house. A programmable system will make all your hopes and dreams of a cool oasis come true while cutting costs when you’re out. You can program the thermostat to hold a higher temperature while you’re away so you’re not paying for cool air you can’t enjoy.

4. Patience is a virtue

We’ve all done it. We come in from the blazing sun and we crank up the AC much cooler than is realistically comfortable in a desperate attempt to blast the house with cold air. But this isn’t cooling the house any quicker. Your air conditioning will still take the same amount of time to cool per degree whether it’s 5 or 15 degrees off the mark. Save some money and let yourself, and your home, cool down to a normal room temperature.

Better yet, try setting your thermostat to 75 rather than 72. You likely won’t notice a difference, until you see your energy bill.

5. Close your blinds

You know when you’re wearing black outside on a sunny day and you feel like you must be absorbing every ray the sun is giving off? It’s the same with curtains. Opt for lighter colour blinds to deflect the sun on hot summer days.

Closing blinds while you’re gone will also work wonders for keeping the cool air inside and the scorching heat out.

Use those dollars saved from your energy bill to bask in the sun and throw a burger on the BBQ. And when you’re ready to head back inside to enjoy that glorious AC, we’ve got your back!